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We all know that next to location the thing that can make or break a home sale are the amenities and facilities found on site. With modern lifestyles being fast paced and persons working longer hours and staying away from home longer persons want communities that offer recreation facilities within the gates so that homeowners don’t have to commute for recreation and entertainment all the time. The best amenities on site will give families a chance to bond at home while not in their home and also will increase the homeowner’s sense of well-being. Maisato understands what customers need all too well and designed this development to have a number of amenities and facilities to offer potential homeowners even more reasons to make Covina Villas their new home.

The Covina Villas has a number of amenities on the residential site plus homeowners are also welcome to enjoy the facilities of the first two phases of Covina outside of the Covina Villas giving them a lot of options for recreation and entertainment. Within the Covina Villas development those who don’t want to go too far from their doorstep will find a lot of things to do. The entire community is gated for your safety with an entrance gate that is secure 24 hours per day. The developers ensured they offered something for everyone on the property for those who love to swim, those who like physical sports and those who like to have parties and host events inside. The property features a number of community amenities including a clubhouse and a playground. The clubhouse can be used for a variety of functions if you wish such as birthday parties, baby/wedding showers and more.

On the outside for those who love outdoor activities there is a basketball court and a swimming pool. The community features wide roads for those who want to go biking or jogging or even just a simple stroll outside to get some fresh air or watch the sun go down. The wide roads are also great for your safety and the safety of your family members’ whether they are driving or walking along.

The community is laid out in a very modern way and features modern design and modern construction technology and methods. It is designed to offer convenience in getting around the community and offers accessibility for your family members that may have those needs when they come to visit. The community is also very accessible for your family members who may want to come visit as well.

The amenities and facilities offered here at Covina Villa truly complement the housing offered to residents. Residents are not just looking for a home nowadays but an entire package that will enhance their life and the lives of their family members. And at Covina Villas we have the amenities to provide homeowners with all they need.

  • Club House
  • Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Garden Setting Area
  • Landscaped Entrance Gate
  • Children's Playground
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